Concours Tyre International Limited.

Leading the field to give you the customer the best.

The “Classico” range of specialist tubes and tyres from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s have been created for those of us who desire a truly authentic item combined with the very latest rubber technology for coptimum performance in the “field”.

These are products which in design and quality match in almost every detail the original item designed for a specific purpose, i.e. to function and perform under the most challenging and arduous conditions. Attention to details, quality, history and performance capability is at the heart of a “Classico” tube or tyres, this is what you are purchasing with the “Classico” product.

All the components that go into making a “Classico” tube or tyre have been painstakingly re-created at considerable cost, combine this wirh modern technology and you have the very finest tubes and tyres available in the market today.

We have been producing these quality items for some years and during that time have gained a worldwide reputation for excellence and quality of service.

So whilst “Classico” tubes are certainly not inexpensive, we are justifyably proud of the products, inessence the emphasis is on quality and attention to detail and not necessarily quantity.

We value our customers and our expert staff are able to provide specific tyre/tube recommendations from our extensive archives.

“The Past is our Future”