Memories of a Giant

One of my fondest recollections of the early Dunlop days was the chance to meet and work with the splendid Ian Norris. Ian never made the mistake of taking life too seriously, and being around him was always an entertaining experience. Ian will be remembered by many for his magnificent invention, the legendary Edgar Jessop (pictured here in the 1951 ISDT). Whenever he found himself stumped for entertaining content for his press contacts, Ian would produce another priceless escapade from the fast-riding, hard living Edgar. The stories were so detailed and numerous that many believed Jessop to be a real person.

Which, of course, he is. Now 117 and living at Madgwick Mews in Sussex, The Rt. Hon Edgar A. Jessop VC, MBE, DSO and Bar has agreed to share his memories with us over the coming months in recognition of Ian’s contribution to his well-earned fame.

We hope the recollections of one giant of motorised competition will be accepted as a fond tribute to another, who I was proud to have counted as a friend.

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