Classico Premier Tyre and Tube Care

Racing Tyres

Racing Tyres are designed for competition purposes only. No compromises are made to make them suitable for use other than races and rallies. They should not only be used for normal, every day motoring even by the experienced competition driver.

Tyre Pressures

No hard ad fast rules can be laid down on tyre pressures as they can vary somewhat with the construction of tyre, rim width and also the car. Circuits can also make a difference. It is important that tyres should not be run below the recommended pressures as running at low pressures will radically increase the possiblity of sidewall damage. As a general guide if the car is understeering increase the front pressures, similarly, if the car is oversteering, the rear pressures should be increased.

Tyre Fitting

Fitting should be carried out with extreme care to avoid damage to the bead area which is of critical importance. It is strongly recommended that a tyre fitting machine should be used to reduce the possibility of damaging either ube, wheel or tyre. Do not inflate the tyre above 40 P.S.I. (2.8 kg/cm2). If beads do not seat correctly, deflate, re-lubricate and centralise beads, then re-inflate to a maximum of 40 P.S.I. If the beads will still not seat correctly, place assembly in a safety cage and inflate slowly to a maximum of 64 P.S.I. (4.5 kg). If tyre bead will still not seat correctly check the wheel dimensions with a ball tape. Failure to use a safety cage could, if a tyre burst, result in serious injury. Always fit a new rim band and the correct tube.

Tyres and tubes should be stored in a controlled environment with cool temperatures and in darkness. A warm atmosphere and direct sunlight should be avoided. Under no circumstances should tubes be hung on hooks or the like as they will stretch, keep them in the box provided.

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